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Home staging

A real estate marketing tool that enables to stage and adorn your house to enhance and maximise its market value and profitability.


This service has been increasingly growing mainly by those looking to sell or rent their property, as it promotes differentiation in relation to competition through a structural rehabilitation, small refurbishment or simply in terms of interior decoration.

As the house is made more attractive and appealing it becomes easier to sell or rent.


Home staging refurbishing: Often, houses which are placed in the market for rental or sale need to be modernised and revamped. A crack on the wall, a burst pipe or creaking floor plank are problems that need to be solved to avoid problems for future tenants.

Likewise, many times it is necessary to adapt and reorganise the structure of the house to today’s more modern standards.

Our refurbishing service has a large and experienced team. For more information on our property rehabilitation service click here.


Home staging decoration: Small details make a big difference. The right decoration and furniture enrich and embellish any house, improving its atmosphere and creating an interest which an empty house fails to do.

For more information on our interior decoration service click here.

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