Atelier Margarida Bugarim

A stone’s throw from Jardim das Amoreiras and the emblematic Aqueduto das Águas Livres, Margarida Bugarim’s Atelier/Showroom is located on Rua D. João V.
 Margarida Bugarim has been working for over 20 years in Interior Decoration and Architecture and characterizes her boutique atelier as a perfect laboratory of ideas and creative experiences. Visitors have the opportunity to experience her own atmosphere and a complete display of fabrics, wallpapers and pieces with the identity of the projects she signs.
The atelier is a mix of elegance and relax, an eclectic space that reflects the work she has been developing over the years, finding different pieces where the timeless and contemporary coexist harmoniously with elements from different eras and ethnicities.


Margarida Bugarim é um nome incontornável no panorama da Arquitectura e Decoração de Interiores Nacional. Em 2000 funda o seu próprio atelier onde, desde então assume a direcção criativa e desenvolve com rigor e qualidade projectos de Arquitectura e Design de Interiores quer a nível nacional quer a nível internacional em espaços públicos e privados. Contemporâneos e muito elegantes, os seus projectos resultam sempre em ambiente exclusivos, confortáveis e de qualidade onde tudo é trabalhado até ao último pormenor. Os espaços concebidos caracterizam-se por ser intemporais, de um luxo simples e depurado. Cores sóbrias, materiais nobres e naturais como as madeiras, metais, linhos, sedas e cachemiras são uma constante nos seus projectos e convivem harmoniosamente nos espaços. Identifica-se pela pureza das formas e pelo equilíbrio com que num mesmo ambiente se relacionam objectos diferentes criando uniões inesperadas.


A space signed by Margarida Bugarim is synonymous of exclusivity, aesthetic balance, comfort and quality with touches of irreverence.
Tell us what you want and let us surprise you with our proposals. The versatility and ease in working and mixing several styles are one of the trademarks of the atelier.

Margarida Bugarim is an outstanding name in the national architecture and interior decoration panorama. In 2000 she founded her own atelier where, since then, she has taken on the creative direction and develops with rigor and quality projects of Architecture and Interior Design both nationally and internationally in public and private spaces. Contemporary and very elegant, her projects always result in exclusive, comfortable and quality environments where everything is worked to the last detail. The conceived spaces are characterized by being timeless, with a simple and refined luxury. Sober colors, noble and natural materials such as wood, metal, linen, silk and cashmere are a constant in her projects and coexist harmoniously in the spaces. She is identified by the purity of forms and the balance with which in the same environment different objects are related, creating unexpected unions.
Foto Margarida Bugarim
Margarida Bugarim
Fundadora e Directora Criativa
da Margarida Bugarim Interiores
Margarida Bugarim
Fundadora e Directora Criativa da Margarida Bugarim Interiores
Decoração de salinha em palacete

Each one of our genuine and brilliant creations has a great project behind it, which goes through the choice of materials and textures, definition of parts and their proportionality, through comfort and aesthetics, thus creating very unique houses. Our team travels with you on the wonderful way of building your project without ever letting go until you are happy and the project is fully realized.

1º Client's briefing
2º Preliminary study of the plant
3º Fee presentation
4º Project development

5º Project presentation
6º Budgeting and approval
7º Ordering, production and execution
8º Delivery