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Serviços Arquitectura Design Interiores Lisboa


Our ultimate aim to improve the existing space, maximising it in terms of comfort, functionality and aesthetics, without wasting time and money.

Essential and of great value, the planning and lay out of interior spaces defines certain aesthetic and functional relationships which aim to harmonise all the elements involved.
The starting point is the client’s definition of his/her needs and desires. Then the interior designer is responsible suggesting or advising the architect in the project’s drafting according to technical standards in terms of ergonomics, acoustics, thermal aspects, electricity, domotics and telecommunications.
Demolition and construction plans as well as plumbing and electricity plans are the beginning of the creative project, for which the layout definition is crucial.
During this process, it is imperative that this interior architecture work is performed in line with the interior decoration project, so that the end result is as much as possible harmonious and functional.
Supported services:
Project analysis and architectural project monitoring
Space planning and layout presentation
Layouts (electricity. AVAC, plumbing, demolitions and constructions, Ceilings, floor, etc)
Specifications and budgeting
Project development
Material sample presentation

Serviços de arquitectura e design de interiores