atelier margarida bugarim
Sobre Nós, Margarida Bugarim


A stone’s throw from Jardim das Amoreiras and the emblematic Aqueduto das Águas Livres, Margarida Bugarim’s Atelier/Showroom is located in Rua D. João V.Seven years of full dedication to architecture and interior decoration projects had gone by when Margarida embraced this new challenge. At her atelier, clients can appreciate the designs and aesthetics of the projects which she signs.“Those who seek my services not only have a wider range of options in terms of furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, etc but they can also feel and see certain of my favourite pieces live, being even able to take them home” she said during the atelier’s inauguration. Of a clean luxury, the atelier is a combination of elegance and sophistication, marked by a careful chosen selection of pieces and materials. A space which reflects the work which Margarida has developed over the years, where one can take in the inspirations of an exclusive and timeless design where the contemporary lives in perfect harmony with elements of different eras and ethnicities.
She normally opts for materials of great quality, working with the most prestigious national and international brands. The tailor made furniture is one of the atelier’s greatest assets and decisive for the exclusiveness and total fulfilment of her clients’ needs.
In addition to the interior design and architecture projects, the atelier also designs rehabilitation and homestaging projects, working in partnership with several real estate agencies and construction companies.