International magazine publications

The Margarida Bugarim Atelier’s work was published by international magazines several times, this time we highlight two magazines, a Spanish one and a Dutch one.

The world’s Most portuguese Hotel- BTL preview

Margarida Bugarim Atelier was present in the BTL’17 with a space/installation that was a preview of the project “O Mais Português Hotel do Mundo – The World’s Most Portuguese Hotel” – to be developed on the Horexpo’17.

Picnic proposal by Margarida Bugarim Interiores

Margarida Bugarim Atelier was challenged by Caras magazine to create a proposal for a picnic for two, in the gardens of the restaurant Eleven in Lisbon. Margarida Bugarim has presented a sophisticated and irreverent proposal based on her favorite colors, black and white. For this presentation, a tent structure was raised to compose the décor […]

Projects in Macau

This time we are embracing a challenge beyond borders, we are developing projects in Macau. We present to you the magnificent view from one of the apartments that we are decorating.

Campo Pequeno Museum Opening

We are proud to finally announce the opening of the Tauromachian Museum of Campo Pequeno, a project signed by Margarida Bugarim Interiores. The Campo Pequeno Museum is a space dedicated to the art of bullfighting in Portugal, focusing particularly in the history of Campo Pequeno’s bullring, the building where the museum is located. Another successful […]