A proper luminotechnical design, a sure shot

“Good lighting elevates a mediocre architecture and bad lighting kills the best design”. This sentence by Oscar Niemeyer says it all about the importance of lighting in environments. In fact, lighting is a very powerful element in architecture and interior design. With it we can highlight certain architectural details or certain pieces, we can focus or blur parts of the space and it can even have the power to transform a space, creating lighter or more scenic environments according to the amount and intensity of light used.

What to value when decorating your home?

More and more people are looking for interior design professionals to help them decorate different spaces in order to acquire a distinctive and exceptional style and functionality. It is gratifying to see that this is a profession that is gaining more and more recognition and that it is understood that there are specialists to work correctly and efficiently in interior spaces. It’s good to see, honestly!

Margarida Bugarim Interiores 15th Anniversary

This month we are particularly happy and celebrating 15 years of existence of our studio/showroom in Rua D. João V.
We celebrate together a long history with more than 20 years of a creative team with a differentiated vision to offer experiences, overcome challenges and raise successes.

What inspires me as an interior designer

Margarida Bugarim inpirações e busca de materiais

In my interior projects I like to find original solutions and place unusual objects. This is the only way to provide remarkable experiences in people’s lives and to surprise, this is the only way to achieve unexpected and different environments that are the fruit of my imagination but that also become a source of inspiration for those who inhabit them.

What are the advantages of hiring an interior designer?

Entrega de projeto de decoração de interiores de apartamento

An interior designer or architect is a professional who specializes in idealizing spaces according to a set of rules in order to find the best solutions making the environment functional, aesthetically aligned and comfortable.

Towards a Greener World!

Margarida Bugarim diretora criativa da Margarida Bugarim Interiores

As a company concerned with the abrupt changes in the world, Margarida Bugarim Interiores studio considers that nowadays, good design and sustainability should go hand in hand.

Is white the best color to paint the house when selling it?

As a professional in architecture and interior design area, working with color in its different applications and numerous palettes is an integral part of my day to day life. It is an ever present theme because many of my project choices have color as a starting point.

Christmas at our Atelier

Peças decorativas e porcelanas no atelier

Here, at the our Atelier, Christmas is lived intensely, it is a hustle and bustle during this season between the completion of interior design projects and the wrapping of thousands of gifts.