House rehabilitation project in Belém

The rehabilitation of this house, with interior design by Margarida Bugarim, focused on the full reuse of the existing building, adapting it to contemporary requirements and establishing a compromise between its original identity and improvements in security, comfort and economy.

The brief was to eliminate multiple compartments on the two floors, in order to allow a more contemporary spatial reorganization, that would enable new users to live and experience the house with all current amenities.

The multiple compartments of the second floor gave way to a large living room, dining room, powder room and kitchen. In an area of the living room, taking advantage of the hidden area of the roof, a mezzanine was built which gives an extra grace to this floor. On the second floor there are 3 suites, one of them with an extremely cozy terrace and an office that can also be converted into a dressing room/closet.

In terms of interior finishing materials, the studio chose traditional materials, such as hydraulic mosaics, solid wood and cream lioz stone in order to convey authenticity to the project. The walls were painted with pastel colors and white ceilings where the recessed lighting and mouldings help to create scenic spaces. The maintenance of characteristic elements such as the high interior doors with glass flags, the kitchen sinks in lioz stone, were some of the elements recovered, as a way to maintain the sense of the existing property, with a past that will be present in the intervention of our days. It was possible to create a late terrace that allowed a more open living in the house and the kitchen open to the living room, generated an extra amplitude to the living room space and gave a more current mood to the environment.

Special attention was given to structural issues, which in close coordination with the structural engineering team, managed to reverse the existing deformations, without harming the authenticity of the original structure. We also proceeded, obviously, to modernize the existing technical networks of the property, at the level of water networks, sewers, electrical network, and was also replaced the entire gas network.

Externally the architectural language is fully preserved in the visible front of the street and the ridges kept at their original levels, to respect the characteristics of the neighborhood The facade was kept as the original which required a careful work of recovery by conservators restorers who boosted the recovery of the stones and wrought iron guards.

On the late façade, larger windows were opened to guarantee the entry of natural light and the necessary ventilation of the spaces.

The result of this interior architecture project was surprising and the whole team is to be congratulated! The owners were very pleased with the final project and the professionals involved.

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Margarida Bugarim

Interior Architect