How to create the perfect open space kitchen

How to create the perfect open space kitchen

The main and most common advantage for the application of this concept is related to an optimization of the available space. When we are faced with small and very compartmentalized areas in apartment rehabilitation projects and the structure of the building allows it, my first tendency is to unite the kitchen and the living room. This way, the space becomes larger and more open in order to give more fluidity to circulation and to allow more natural light to enter. From my point of view these are only advantages, but it’s fundamental to understand what the owner of the house wants and how he or she wants to experience these spaces, because the open space will inevitably make the apartment more informal, less private.

Kitchen and living room united in the same space is a trend that has been gaining more and more appreciation not only for a matter of space optimization but also due to the new family dynamics and the relaxation with which we live and receive guests.

How many times do you have friends snacking or socializing while you finish a meal because you don’t want to be alone in the kitchen while the others are having fun in the living room?

Today, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and to opt for this more contemporary layout is to assume that you want to enjoy everything it has to offer. It is almost a must-have, but for that it has to be the object of additional concern in terms of decoration, functionality, and also storage.

  The main challenge is to get two completely separate areas that are not separated by walls to coexist perfectly and merge harmoniously. The idea of increasing spatial quality has to ensure that the advantages are exploited to the full and outweigh the disadvantages. It is therefore crucial to think things through and take some important factors into consideration:

   1- Kitchen and living room have distinct functionalities and the style may not be strictly the same but it has to follow the same line in terms of chromatics and with materials that are harmonious and homogeneous as a whole.
   2- Although the spaces are united, it is crucial to create even subtle divisions between the different environments. Key pieces such as an island, a dining table a column such as a 2-sided fireplace or a bipolar television are great ways to create a differentiation between the spaces.
  3-  It is important to prioritize closed cabinets and to make your interiors more comfortable with plenty of storage since you are left with fewer walls.
   4- As the kitchen becomes part of the social area of the house its privacy is lost and consequently one must create ways to have extra storage for everything and especially for dirty. It is important to pay special attention to constant cleaning and tidying up so that the space as a whole is pleasant.
   5- One should opt for built-in appliances so that there is more uniformity in the cabinet blocks and choose quieter appliances so as not to disturb when you are in the room.
  6-  Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important aspects is the smell. To achieve this perfect union of spaces it is crucial that the kitchen has a very powerful and high quality extractor fan so that the extraction of fumes and odors is done in the most efficient way.


Gathering all these elements the PERFECT OPEN-SPACE is possible!


Margarida Bugarim
Interior Architect