atelier margarida bugarim
Sobre Nós, Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim

The passion for the arts and fashion, the desire to create and her sense of aesthetics from an early age determined her future.

Her education began with a degree in Law, but she quickly dropped the laws to pursue her real passion for interior arts.

Determined, in year 2000 she founds her own atelier, where she has been since then, designing with accuracy and quality Architecture and Interior Design projects, both for Portuguese and foreign public and private clients.

Contemporary and very elegant, Margarida’s projects always come to life as exclusive, comfortable and quality atmospheres, where everything is worked down to the smallest detail.

The spaces designed are timeless, where luxury is simple and clean. Sober colours, noble and natural materials like wood, metals, linen, silk and cashmere prevail in her projects, coexisting harmoniously.

She identifies herself with pure forms and a balance of different objects which inter-relate to create unexpected combinations.

Concerned with quality, Margarida carefully chooses the pieces and materials used, so that each space reflects her clients’ particular lifestyle, creating for others with the same rigour and dedication as if it were for herself, loving to surprise those who seek her services.

Her contribution to solidarity projects and participation as decorator in the TV Programme Querido Mudei a Casa, shown in Sic Mulher, must also be highlighted.