Margarida Bugarim AT Programa da Cristina (TV SHOW), SIC

On January 27, 2020 the Interior Architect Margarida Bugarim was a guest of the most famous house in Portugal.In the house of Programa da Cristina, Margarida Bugarim presented a decor proposal for a dining table and a tea table and welcomed the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Metal Mouse.
On the two tables in shades of blue, white and red there was no lack of elements alluding to Chinese culture: an elegant porcelain dinner service decorated with blue oriental motifs, the traditional metal teapot and orchids, flowers that the Chinese people consider a symbol of beauty, perfection and fertility.
A bold decoration that intended to escape the typical combinations of elements of Chinese culture, opting for a more sophisticated approach making a beautiful fusion between contemporary elements of Western culture and traditional elements of the East.