Margarida Bugarim na revista VIP nº57

In September, the Margarida Bugarim Interiors studio celebrates another year of existence. It has already been 19 years of dedication and professionalism designing residential and public interior projects, offering a high level of quality through a creative and multidisciplinary approach. The spaces created by the studio translate into exceptional environments marked by comfort, balance and aesthetics. As creative director, Margarida Bugarim coordinates a wide variety of projects ranging from turnkey interior design, architecture and concept design to decoration, consulting, remodeling and even homestaging.

“In this particular moment that we are all living, there is a new fringe of customers who seek our services. They are people who essentially want to refresh a certain area of the house, decorate just one room, or even purchase one-off pieces. With changing life habits, telecommuting, and the lack of entertainment venues, these people are spending more time at home and are more aware and willing to invest in the valorization and comfort of their homes. The new era has contributed to an increase in the studio’s workload that overlaps with the large projects we continue to develop.”

Constantly updated and following international trends, her creative philosophy maintains the same structural principles and each project is treated in a unique and unparalleled way with great attention to detail, rigor and functionality. When Margarida Bugarim starts a project, it is as if she were immersed in the client’s personality and put on their skin in order to bring their stories, their identity and their dreams into the house. With great creative vision, the projects she develops are marked by a surprising explosion of feelings, emotions, aromas and manifestations of art, such as music, cinema and fashion.

“I involve myself wholeheartedly in the projects I embrace and for me their size is not relevant, the important thing is to contribute to the enhancement of the space and the full satisfaction of the client. My profession is my passion and seeing the client happy is what drives me!”

A stone’s throw from the Amoreiras garden, the atelier/showroom is a perfect laboratory of ideas and creative experiences and those who visit have the opportunity to explore a unique atmosphere where objects of various origins and styles are combined with an excellent display of pieces, fabrics and wallpapers. The atelier is also in charge of confection works, upholstery, own and custom furniture, as well as execution of specific lighting and landscaping projects.