Margarida Bugarim in VIP's yearbook

Margarida Bugarim Interiores na revista VIP Interiores

With a vast portfolio, Margarida Bugarim’s work is the expression of her creative vision combining comfort and functionality. In her projects, she bets on emotional concepts, in details, in eclectic choices that value the experience with quality and exclusivity.

Designed for those who like to live day-to-day life in a tranquil way, it privileges harmonious environments with neutral and luminous colors, furniture with pleasant lines and colorful accents where exotic objects suggest a cozy atmosphere with personality.

Each project is conceived as unique and for clients with very different ages and lifestyles because her versatility and experience allow her to easily grasp the client’s tastes and lifestyle, bringing their identities to their homes.
With a very generous covered area composed of two floors and a large outdoor pool and laser space, this villa in Lisbon, with interior design and decoration project signed by Margarida Bugarim is intended for a family who likes to enjoy the house in all its aspects, who loves to receive and make life together with friends and family. There was the concern to combine contemporary design with a classic and relaxed family style. The careful layout and the importance of detail are quite evident in these environments that illustrate the project.

In the living room several areas were created offering a living area, a TV area, a reading corner and a large lounge with a privileged view to the pool and garden. The chosen elements reflect the relaxed and young lifestyle of its inhabitants, with a special note for the works of art such as Vihls’ serigraph over the glass console and the irreverent sculpture of a woman’s legs idealized by Margarida Bugarim when she first visited the house.

At the entrance, the eclectic side of the project’s author can be seen, where classic elements are harmoniously combined with pieces of industrial and ethnic inspiration, creating a surprising effect as soon as you open the door.

In one of the suites, the continuity of the dominant shades of blue in the living room is assumed, creating a romantic atmosphere conducive to rest and tranquility. The bedside tables were designed by Margarida Bugarim using an 18th century Portuguese tile as the starting point, which was used as the handle and contrasts in perfect harmony with the contemporary Sforzin design hanging lamps.