Margarida Bugarim Interiores
15th anniversary



This September we are particularly happy and celebrating 15 years of existence of our studio/showroom in Rua D. João V.
We celebrate together a long history with more than 20 years of a creative team with a differentiated vision to offer experiences, overcome challenges and raise successes.
It is already a long path of dedication to interior design projects for the best clients, those who trust us.

We are passionate about our work and put our heart and commitment into the dedication with which we bring our clients’ homes to life.
Our studio works full time on interior design and decoration in a wide variety of projects and styles ensuring that projects are completed entirely as the client intended, with no room for error.

Through our interior design projects we tell the life story of our clients, give soul to their memories, and collect their experiences.

To be able to deliver the exceptional results that our clients have become accustomed to, a large number of the pieces that we integrate in our projects are designed by our team and produced exclusively for us. We make a point of sharing this significant date, not only with our dear customers, but also with our suppliers and partners who help us create, grow, and realize the most innovative ideas.

The last 15 years of success and smiles have been possible also thanks to long lasting partnerships with the best national craftsmen and the most prestigious international brands.

The final result of our interior projects is the sum of our choices allied to the client’s, and will always be the mirror of their decisions.
We have the ability to read the client’s essence and bring to people the interiors they deserve, elevating them and transposing to their homes a unique interior design through the use of art, original noble pieces, colors and textures adequate to each client.

Throughout our journey we are lucky to have crossed paths with clients who value and understand the added value that an interior architecture or decoration project can have in the experience of a space. From the first contact we seek to establish a solid relationship of trust, promoting full satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We are happy to listen, understand and understand the needs of those who come to us and we love to integrate the clients who so wish in the decisions of the details, so that the architecture and decoration projects are exactly as idealized.

Our polyvalence, versatility and multidisciplinary allows us to innovate with each new job and completely adapt to the specific demands of each interior space. Whenever we embrace an interior design project we give life and soul to a space, imprinting our signature without overlapping the personal style of the owners.

The result of our rigor and dedication are exclusive, original and surprising interior projects from which the client will never want to leave, and if they do, they will always want to return.

During the last 15 years we have worked daily so that the name Margarida Bugarim Interiores continues to be a reference in interior design and architecture in Portugal and abroad. We are synonymous with perfectionism, good taste, innovation and confidence.

Our major goals for the future are to expand our showroom by creating even more space to exhibit exceptional pieces or curious projects that are already a mark of our DNA and accompany more and more customers in the process of transforming and enhancing their homes and commercial spaces, making the most of them and creating surprising and inspiring environments in which it is a pleasure to live and enjoy.

Those who know us know what we are talking about!


Margarida Bugarim

Arquitecta de Interiores