An original and surprising space whose interior design and entire execution process was very motivating and pleasurable to carry out. Full of details and symbolic elements, this winter garden is a true refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. We resorted to the use of soft and neutral colors in the wall and floor coverings to lighten the strength of the raw or old wood. We also aimed to extend the surrounding nature and bring it indoors using large trees and small plants arranged in an original and innovative way.

Projeto de interiores de um jardim de inverno
Projeto de decoração de jardim de inverno
projeto de interiores de jardim de inverno

A place to get away from urban living.

Detalhe de decoração de jardim de inverno
Decoração de mesa em jardim de inverno
decoração de jardim de inverno- pormenores de prateleiras
Decoração de jardim de inverno

An original space full of curiosity objects.