Rehabilitation and extension of a building and conversion into a single-family house

Respect and preservation of the old and an approach to the present day was the premise that served as a starting point for the Margarida Bugarim studio to develop the interior architecture and decoration project of this building. The owners are passionate about Lisbon and its architecture and for them it was essential to live in a place that maintained a strong connection with the past and that had an open outdoor space that gave them the feeling of nature indoors. The idea of what they wanted was clear, but Margarida Bugarim’s team took an important turn to reach the final design in a surprising way.

The spatial reorganisation was worked out with great care so as to allow people to live in the comfort and functionalities of the present day. The private areas were restricted to the upper floors, the ground floor being destined to the social area where the kitchen, the dining room and the living room were interconnected in a wide and open space. Another important point was the creation of an outdoor living and dining area preceded by a glazed winter garden along the entire rear façade, which maximised the amount of natural light entering the house.

With the intention of preserving the character of the building, the studio kept all the architectural period elements inside and some antique pieces were acquired, as well as choosing materials used in the decade of the building’s construction to recreate a more authentic atmosphere. The stronger and more modern colours used in nuances on the walls and in the tiles of the bathrooms and kitchen and the original way in which some period materials were used make the juxtaposition between past and present and give the touch of modernity that makes this project so particular.


Margarida Bugarim

Interior Architect