Towards a Greener World!

Margarida Bugarim no caminho para a sustentabilidade

As a company concerned with the abrupt changes in the world, Margarida Bugarim Interiores studio considers that nowadays, good design and sustainability should go hand in hand.

For some time we have been committed to continue to do our work in the area of interiors, to create quality environments, to make rigorous rehabilitation projects, architecture and decoration but increasingly aware and with greater responsibility of our impact on the environment. We want to incorporate a GREENER mentality both in our work and in the day to day of our studio, and that the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle gain more and more preponderance in our lives.

Today the preferences of our choices go to recycled and mainly recyclable materials. Natural products and handmade manufacturing processes are our propensity and we increasingly value durable and timeless materials that stay with us throughout life because the disposable leads to great waste. We continue to value, therefore, the customization and personalization of pieces for our projects with the certainty that the client will make a conscious purchase in quality and durability and will hardly want to discard the pieces they have, with the advantage that if a problem arises there is always the possibility of repair or transformation. The use of Portuguese craftsmen is a constant reality in our work, not only because of the unmatched qualities and know-how of the masters, but also because they guarantee the use of national labor and a lower impact with transportation costs.

The environments we create are ruled by an eclectic style, considering that pieces from various eras and influences are always an enriching asset to any decoration. This is a natural attitude and vision that, however, helps the reuse and use of art pieces and antiques making the projects more alive with more soul without harming the environment.

Wallpapers and decorative fabrics have evolved a lot in their manufacturing processes and now there are several brands that care about the environment and integrate recycled fibers in their products without neglecting the design and the final pleasant look. They are, therefore, increasingly the atelier’s bet.

As an example, we can also say that we were pioneers in the use of led lighting in its most different uses as a way to reduce energy consumption even in the face of skepticism from some clients who were not yet familiar with the technology.

In the area of architecture, we are increasingly considering aspects for a more sustainable construction through the rational use of natural resources, the use of techniques and materials that enable the reduction of energy and hydraulic consumption and the use of techniques capable of maintaining good air quality and thermal-acoustic comfort of environments using renewable energy.

To make all this possible, we restructured some sectors of the studio, we moved away from some companies that did not meet the requirements we considered a priority, we planned, we researched, we held workshops, and we are very happy with what we have been able to do in order to improve our footprint. This is not an easy task yet, but it is a start that we are very committed to…we know that more and more suppliers in the interior design field are taking steps in that direction and we have joined them and helped strengthen this purpose. It is a fact, that for this impact to be real there must be a joint and serious dialogue in the industry sector worldwide, but if everyone does their part by taking small steps with a sense of duty and responsibility we know we are on our way to a better world and that makes us very proud! We are on our way to one day be proud to be more ecologically correct, economically viable, socially just, and culturally diverse!


Margarida Bugarim

Interior Architect