What are the advantages of hiring an interior designer?

Entrega de projeto de decoração de interiores de apartamento
An interior designer or architect is a professional who specializes in idealizing spaces according to a set of rules in order to find the best solutions making the environment functional, aesthetically aligned and comfortable.
Each client is unique, has a personality and a way of life of his own, in the same way that each space has its own individual characteristics and functions. The professional has the ability and has all the tools necessary to execute the right solution for each client and each space, focusing on innovation and originality, turning the process of creating a space into a differentiated and quality experience.
The interior designer and architect have deep knowledge in matters such as space and its proportions, history and design. In addition, these professionals spend much of their time traveling, visiting fairs and looking for new suppliers, new bets, new trends and solutions that allow them to have an unparalleled knowledge of the market, which is very advantageous in the presentation of the most diverse solutions and materials.
The knowledge acquired, the creativity and the ability to work the spaces, is without a doubt fundamental to the choice of professional, but it is no less important to me that we have the ability to be good “psychologists” to help and correctly interpret what the client wants and needs. Many times it is necessary to analyze the client’s indecisions, to unscramble and align his different ideas and help him opt for the best solution. The professional is undoubtedly an ally who guides the customer in the right direction, who shows him another perspective, who encourages him to risk original solutions, and who de-dramatizes any problem by turning it into a challenge. Mistakes or uncontrolled purchases are avoided by defining priorities and balancing expenses. Everything is bought in one place without the worry of managing orders and deliveries with the certainty that the personalization and choice of pieces is the right one.

It is also important to understand that hiring a professional with his own atelier is different from buying the furniture you need directly from a store. There you can even have, similarly to an atelier, the assistance of a professional who will make you a sketch of how your house will look but it will be someone who has to stick to the existing catalog in the store focusing on the sale of furniture and not on the customization and interest of the client. It is someone who has knowledge in computer programs but does not have the experience of different suppliers, of galleries and workshops. The spaces created become warehouses of furniture put in order without soul, without living, without adapting the client’s style and without an out of the box and differentiating object. The client will see a basic and incomplete 3D project and will never have the true perception of the whole, since they will not have the facility to acquire all the pieces in one place.
I am often contacted by people who went to stores to furnish their homes and realized that they did not get the expected result, that they feel that the environment is not complete, valued and lived in. It happens that at this stage there is very little that can be done and it is not possible to obtain the result of a project worked from scratch. A decoration prepared by us is much more than choosing current and nice pieces that coordinate with each other. Here, we work from the beginning for a differentiating final result. Our imagination has no limits. We develop for each project a surgical research work to find the right piece to give character and personality to the environments, acquiring objects in the most diverse places such as art galleries, antique shops, artisans who work exclusively for us, or national and foreign fairs.

In other words, choosing to hire a qualified professional is synonymous with a huge qualitative benefit! It’s having a creative team with deep knowledge in the various areas that version architecture and design at your full disposal to help you organize the spaces and develop a project specifically for you, according to your tastes and real needs, freeing you from a hundred tasks and doing the project management according to the best practices.
More than a realistic 3D project, we make surprising projects where creativity and differentiation are our image, transforming environments into homes with soul, lived-in homes, homes with a true story to tell, yours.

Margarida Bugarim

Interior Architect